On 16-07-2016 Ld. J.M 1st Class, Belonia, South Tripura convicted accused namely (1) Sri Babul Tripura (37) S/O Lt. Braja Gopal Tripura (2) Sri Pradip Tripura (32) S/O Lt. Sunil Tripura and (3) Sri Yuba Mohan Tripura (34) S/O Lt. Indu Moni Tripura all of Basisardar Para (Bamchara), PS-Santirbazar and sentenced them to pay a fine of Rs. 300/- (three hundred) each for the offence U/S 341 IPC, I.D to suffer S.I for a period of 07 (seven) days and they also to pay a fine of Rs. 700/- (seven hundred) each for the offence U/S 323 IPC, I.D to suffer SI for 15 (fifteen) days. Both the sentences shall run concurrently.

               The case was registered on 04-06-2012 at 1405 hrs on the basis of written complaint lodged by the complainant against the above noted convicted accused persons for commission of offence punishable U/S 341/325/34IPC.

      This ref. BKR P.S Case No. 43/2012 dated 04-06-2012 U/S 341/325/34IPC (PRC-231/12). After completion of investigation SI Tikendra Mog of BKR PS (now posted at SB wing) submitted C/S vide No. 45/12 dated 30-06-2012 U/S 341/323/34IPC against the above noted accused in the Ld. Court of SDJM, Belonia, South Tripura for facing trial.

Saturday, July 16, 2016